Sunday, June 10, 2007

Vacationing and NO knitting!

I just returned the other night from Orlando, Florida. We went for 5 days and our itinerary was absolutely packed. We went to MGM, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Sea World and Typhoon Lagoon. It was about 90 degrees and exhausting! This is us at Magic Kingdom taking our own picture!

I brought my Lelah-Lotus Blossom Tank along and didn't touch it once. We were so busy each day and by the time we'd get back to the hotel at night we were beat. As much fun as it was-- it was equally draining.

Since I've been home I've had knitting on the brain. For some reason I feel like I'm over the Lelah-LBT. I know I should work on it but I'm not motivated to do so. The puff-sleeved cardigan from Fitted Knits had been sounding really good right now. Also, I want to make a baby hat for the BF's ex-gf who's having a baby in August. I know what you're all thinking-- it's weird for me to make her a gift for her unborn child but I really like making baby items, so it's really a selfish act. (Plus, I'm just being bitchy/catty/gossipy here, but she prego with the child of the guy that she left my BF for in the first place...kinda funny, huh!?)

So, I need to get back into the swing of things and get my creative juices flowing once again. Also, my bestfriend just got engaged so I have to start thinking about favors and wedding stuff to help her out...I am the Maid of Honor, afterall!


Devonshire said...

The pictures look great. I love making baby items too! See you on Wednesday!!! So they got engaged?

RandomRanter said...

Looks like fun! And honestly, knitting is supposed to be fun or you would just go buy something, so work on what calls to you.

Sharon said...

Hey!!! I am going to Disney next week!!!

My new obesseion is baby items to I understand ;-)

As for party favors... email me!!