Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh Sad Day
So I got too busy this week and forgot to cast my vote for the SKC KAL. Oh well, I couldn't choose between the three I listed in my last entry anyways...not that any of them won.

It was decided again that the next SKC KAL would be a double KAL as the last two were. The two winning patterns are Fifi and the Red Carpet Convertible Pattern. Neither really interest my much. They're both a bit ornate for my taste.

I decided that I would have my own Sexy Knitter KAL-- even if I have to do it by myself! First I will finish the PSC and then I will cast on for Fitted Tank in Tomato.


Devonshire said...

That color will look lovely on you! Can't wait to see it.

Sarah said...

I always face that decision. Both of those look awfully fun to knit, but I'm generally not inclined to wear something that detailed. But you're sticking with the spirit of SKC - if it makes you feel sexy, knit it.

RandomRanter said...

Oh, I've been eyeing that pattern. And the color is gorgeous!