Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally a little progress!

I pinned down what I've got so far to motivate me to get through this project. It's so simple yet will look so elegant in the end. I can't wait to finish and block her out and, of course, give it to Rebecca! Another motivation for finishing is that I'll let myself start a light summer cardi for myself...I'm soooo self-centered sometimes.

So, I have to say, KnitPicks has fabulous customer service! I've already received the Harmony needle replacements!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Not so much knitting...
I don't know what it is. I think about knitting, read about knitting, listen to knitting podcasts but I'm just unable to get myself to sit down and actually do some knitting. I've made some progress on Rebecca's wedding stole, Wisp, but I'm not near done. Though I don't imagine that it's take very long to finish-- I'm about 1/3 of the way through the pattern. It's hard for me to get a lot done in a sitting because me KnitPicks Harmony needle has a split in the wood that keeps snaggin my yarn. It's driving me crazy, but the nice people at KnitPicks are sending me a replacement free of charge-- can't wait for it to arrive.

I've got several projects on the needles (see progress bars) but I'm just not motivated. I want more and different. I'm obsessed with the idea of a cotton summer cardi. No particular pattern in mind just a simple cardi. That's all I keep dreaming about casting on. I just can't get it out of my head. Maybe when I finish Wisp, I'll let myself seriously consider it.

Remember that I bitched a few weeks ago about not getting the tee I wanted from the Ravelry store? They were sold out and I was bitter? I knew that would jog your memory! Well, I decided to but a tee anyway in a 2XL and tailor it to fit me. I've reconstructed tee shirts in the past so I'm confident that I can do it. Me and my sewing machine need to get better aquainted these days anyway so this should be a fun and easy project. If you have any tried and true reconstruction ideas send them my way-- it's been awhile. I'll post pics whenever I finish-- as of now I haven't even received the tee in the mail yet so it might be some time before the FO appears here.

I've also been trying my hands at urban gardening again this year. Not only am I growing herbs (parsley, oregano, basil, & dill) but I'm also growing tomatoes. I'm growing heirlooms and sugarsun cherry tomatoes (the orange ones). Both plants are flourishing. I can't wait to make Caprese salad from my own tomatoes and basil!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Change of Heart
So, Icarus--RIP. Not only have you completely bored me into stockinette hell, but the more I think about it the more I feel that you just aren't the right choice for Bec's wedding shawl. You're too solid throughout most of the body (being in stockinette) and maybe just a little too much for her gown. So, I've decided to go with Wisp, who is simpler and can be worn more like a wrap rather than a shawl in the August heat. I promise not to frog you, for maybe I will come back to you at some later date. I still think that you're beautiful. Please forgive me.

Wisp, you are working up rather quickly but I do hope that you grow with blocking-- I'd hate to have to abandon yet another project. I've never blocked lace but I've heard that it is very gratifying. Don't let me down.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hot, Hot Summer in the City

We had two days (today will be three) of temperatures over 90 here in Boston! Hot an humid do not make for a happy girl. Leaving the house was dreadful. We don't have AC, but the house was actually cooler than it was outside as long as our windows stayed closed and the fan was going. Sat evening, when I couldn't wait for Jorge anymore, I installed the one AC unit that I have in the bedroom by myself. It's was ridiculously heavy but it was my saving grace-- that I got to sleep in a cool room.

On Saturday morning, I finished my 2nd Everlasting Bagstopper. I made I-cord handles instead of ribbon handles. I used a combination of Lion Brand Lion Cotton and Sugar and Cream Cotton. I even used it on Saturday when I went grocery shopping.

I also received my prize from Marly of the Yarnthing Podcast. The new Yarn Harlot book, Things I Learned from Knitting...whether I meant to or not.

Thank you to Marly for the book-- can't wait to read it!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ravelry took the joy out of Knitting!

Ok, ok, that's not exactly true. It just enhances my ability to procrastinate by sitting for hours upon hours on the computer looking at knitting rather than actually knitting. I heart Ravelry...even if I was out of town and away from the internets when the Ravelry store went up. This means that by the time I logged in everything that I could possibly want had already been sold out. Meanwhile I'm reading posts from other Ravelers boasting about how many T's they snagged before the store sold out in 5 minutes flat. Greedy much!? I'm just bitter.

Here's the progress on my market bag:
I love the color and how easy and quickly it's knitting up. Maybe this project will help me out of my no knitting funk. Plus, I do like to bring my own shopping bags to the grocery store and Haymarket these days.

While I was away missing out on all of the swag in the Ravelry store which is now sold out (still bitter), I got this beaut:
It's a Day of the Dead Skull, also known as a sugar skull. I've always been totally fascinated with them-- I think that they're beautiful! So this is Miss Dee of Great Southern Tattoo Co.'s rendition of El Dia de los Muertos' sugar skull. I think that she did a great job. P.S. It's just above my Achilles tendon on the back of my ankle. Wait until my mothers sees this one....

Maybe I'll be wearing pants while I'm visiting in a couple of weeks.