Thursday, November 19, 2009

"New " Living Room!

Finally! Here's the full affect:

Here's the corner of my new sectional sofa:

Here's the opposite corner with a piece that I salvaged from the curb and refinished:

Still have small touches to finish but it's almost there. I finally feel like this is MY home!

Notice the new Wii!!! I had to part with the last one but she's all mine now. I'm dying for Beatles Rock Band, Band Hero and Wii Fit!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

PIA Saturday

Something sunny needed to come out of this day!
This past Saturday I rented a UHAUL and drove down to Ikea in Stoughton, MA.I was so ready to get my couch. The website showed that the particular couch I was interested in is only available in the Ikea stores and could not be ordered on the website.

I picked up the UHAUL and drove down there so that I'd be there as soon as the doors opened. Once there, I got a free coffee from their cafe (they know the way to my heart) and then at 10am, I started for the show room. I found my series and sat on it to make sure that it was comfortable and looked through all the fabrics to make sure that I was picking one that I loved. I went up to the sale person to ask some questions and she said, "we don't stock this model in the store. It needs to be ordered."

WTF? Really? How come I was told that the store stocked it and that it was in stock at this particular location when I called? I was beyond irritated. I just spent $65 on a UHAUL and I can't even use it? And now I have to order the sofa and pay a $100 delivery charge. I don't think so.

I went straight to customer service and made my case detailing the poor customer service and told them that they needed to make this right. They were able to eat the $100 delivery charge, but I still have to wait for my new sofa. I was really hoping to go home with it and set up my living room. Wah.

Though I couldn't get what I wanted as far as the sofa went , I was able to find a few other necessities. I found a grill pan, a TV entertainment shelving unit, candles, an ironing board, fabrics (I used the yellow to cover a canvas to hang on the wall-- see top of the post), a wok, and some glasses (of which the bottom of the box fell out causing 3 of the 6 glasses to crash to their deaths). I put the TV unit together immediately and set up all my electronics on it and even had room for my mesh metal magazine baskets on the bottom shelf.

I made a pit stop at Target afterward to return that hideous rug that I ordered and a poster that was delivered damaged. I found a replacement rug for the living room in a cream color for the same price. I was envisioning more of a cafe au lait but I was unable to find it so this will have to do. I moved my black leather woven rug that was in my living room to my dinning room-- under the dining room table. That was a fun task to do without any help. Below is a WIP...just not of the knitting variety.

Once I got back to town, I unloaded and returned the UHAUL. I took a trip to Back Bay to go to Trader Joe's and to hit up Urban Outfitters for album frames-- on sale for 2 for $20 (usually $15 each!). I grabbed two. I framed a couple of records that I got in LA a couple of years ago. Pretty sweet, huh!?

 So, things are coming along slowly but surely...slower than I'd like. Hell, my mom & sister are coming for a visit next weekend and I'd like for them not to have to sit on the floor! We'll see.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

On my own

The ex finally moved out. The past month was truly a test. I think that I made it through with minimal damage. I was really sad and weepy on Sunday night after all was said and done but ever since I've been fine. I think that I was just working up to this point all along. I already mourned him.

So now I live alone. For now. Strangely, it was an easy transition from taking care of two to one. He's having a rough time (good!) but I'm being the self-proficient person I've been since childhood, really. I thought that I would be terrified and lonely and afraid to go to sleep at night. It has been fine. The cat is sadder than I am (she misses her feline friend).

So my new situation has brought about the need for new furniture. I've never owned a new sofa. I've always had hand-me-downs or Good Will specials-- not that there's anything wrong with that. But it's time to buy my first brand new living room!

I've been doing a lot of "window shopping" on the interwebs. I want something modern with clean lines. I found a sectional on the Ikea site that I adore. I *think* that I like the Sivik Dark Gray, but I'm going to check out the fabrics at the store over the weekend. I ordered and already received (and assembled) a new coffee table from Target. I also ordered a new area rug which was delivered today but it needs to be returned. It's not at all what I was expecting. I'll make a Target return trip this weekend. I think that once it's all here I'll feel like I have my living room back. Feeling like my apartment is a "home" is very important to me.

I'm also looking for a funky piece for my front foyer. I want a buffet/credenza with a funky flair. I really like this one and this one. Also for the foyer, I have to get a few record album frames to display some fun records that I have. And I'm in the middle of creating some fun art for over my sofa.

I'm keeping everything else intact as is. Just need a few changes and some some new stuff sans memories. Time to make new memories.