Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ravelry KAL!

So I decided to create and host the Spring Ahead KAL on Ravelry. Last week I was really in the mood for Spring to hurry it's ass up and get here (damn it!) so, hence, the KAL was born. I'd love anyone and everyone on Ravelry to join if they'd like so click on the link or the banner above and join my group!

Don't forget to vote every 24 hours!!!

Thanks for all of your support!!! I love you guys!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Apparently, according to the Knit Girls site owner, the rules for voting is 1 vote per day (from an IP address). Who knew!? If you haven't voted to day, click here.

Monday, January 21, 2008

February Knit Girl-- Small Polling Snafu

If you cast you vote this afternoon it may not have been counted because it was off line for a bit while the nice lady who runs the site was working on it. I don't believe that there was any sort of message or error thrown when you clicked submit. You may just have to go back and resubmit. I will check and see if I can find out the exact time so it's all fair.

Click here

Sunday, January 20, 2008

February Knit Girl-- Vote For Me!!!!

You may have noticed that cute little button to the right of my posts! Please go click on it and vote for me for February Knit Girl!!!! Purty please!?!? Thankyouplease!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Downtown, Everything's Waiting for Yo-ou... downtown"

Yes, jury duty has been a PIA but the benefits have also been great. No, I'm not talking about being given the opportunity to perform my civil obligation of serving on a jury. I'm talking about actually taking a lunch break (as opposed to scarfing down a balance bar at my desk while I work) and getting to browse through stores that I'd otherwise have to wait for the weekend and a specific T ride downtown for. Everyday I've been able to grab some soup for lunch (my fav on a chilly day!) and leisurely browse through H&M and Windsor Button without any specific task in mind. It's been fabulous. And, yes, costly. Here are some of my finds...yes, only some.

Not to mention the adorable shoes I picked up at Payless, yes I said Payless. These are too adorable to have been at Payless but what a score!

In knitting, I finished Jorge's fingerless mitts and the pink fingerless mitts I was making for myself but have decided to give to Rebecca. I already cast on for another pair which will be for me!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Small Updates

On Sunday, during the fourteenth hour of watching football, I finished knitting the fingerless mitts that I was working on but am yet to work the duplicate stitching that I've planned. This is partly due to procrastination and partly due to my drawing up shitty charts on graph paper.

I finished sewing on Kristin's Juliet's buttons but still need to get it in the mail to her. Unfortunately, I had jury duty yesterday and then got selected to serve on a jury so it's been hard to find time to get my ass over to the post office.

Though I have sad some time, when we're not in the courtroom, to get a little knitting in! I finished the first sleeve of my Tree Jacket. I turned out HUGE. I followed the pattern but still it's kinda big. Not sure if I should frog it and re-knit or deal with it. I better decide so I can move onto the second sleeve.

Being downtown at the courthouse has definitely disrupted my daily routine but it has it's perks. Yesterday I got to stop by Windsor Button on my way home and pick up a couple skeins of Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride Worsted in two lovely variegated shades. One's a lovely mix of pinks and the other is rich teals. Both are gorgeous. I've already started knitting with the pink-- a pair of fingerless mitts for me!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

This week in Knitting

I finished and sent off my Dad's mittens. He received them yesterday just in time for 50 degree weather. Tomorrow's supposed to be quite chilly so he'll get to put them to good use then.

After finishing the mittens I finally put the finishing touches on that baby hat. Since the bay has now been home for one week I figured that it'd be nice to finally give it to the mommies.

Then a new project was started last night: fingerless gloves for Jorge. I'm very loosely following a pattern I found on Ravelry. I've modified it so much that I'm considering writing my own pattern up in case anyone's interested. The plan is to use the duplicate stitch technique to make an anchor in white on the top of the mitt, an idea I stole from my friend Carolyn. I've never duplicate stitched before-- hope it's not too hard.

And, finally, I got the perfect buttons for my sister's Juliet yesterday at Windsor Button! I'm so glad-- I feel like I've been looking forever though it's only been 1 week! I think that they are a perfect match. Hope they're fun enough for Kristin.

Monday, January 7, 2008

2008, so far

So far...I mostly finished my sister's Juliet. Still on the hunt for the perfect "glitzy" buttons per Kristin's request. I picked up a few neat silver-tones buttons at A Good Yarn but I'm just not satisfied with them. One of my favorite yarn shops but not the best button selection if you're looking for something truly out of the ordinary. I think that I'll try to hit up Windsor Button sometime this week or next weekend.

Speaking of family knitting, my dad brought it to my attention that I've never knit a stitch for him. So I asked him what he wanted. He wanted mittens. I find this slightly amusing that a grown man, such as my father, wants a pair of mittens. Not a pair of gloves or even fingerless gloves, but mittens. Ok-- can do. I've finished 1 mitten and the cuff of the second so far. They're an easy knit and actually my first pair of mittens. I'm knitting them in this yarn I bought years ago from Circles Knitting Salon (when it was still here in JP). It's a really lovely worsted-weight super-wash wool. The color way is a nice variegated earthy green.

I haven't touched my Tree Jacket in quite some time. I really should work on it but.....sleeves.... They are really dreadful. Especially these sleeves which are garter stitch in the round. Now can you see what I mean by dreadful?

I still have to finish a baby hat for my exec director at work and make two more for a doc and one of my staff members. Seems like everyone is popping out kids about now....yuck.

Well, even though I'm not a fan of babies, I still find their clothing adorable...I'm not totally heartless. Well, at least not for that reason...