Saturday, January 19, 2008

"Downtown, Everything's Waiting for Yo-ou... downtown"

Yes, jury duty has been a PIA but the benefits have also been great. No, I'm not talking about being given the opportunity to perform my civil obligation of serving on a jury. I'm talking about actually taking a lunch break (as opposed to scarfing down a balance bar at my desk while I work) and getting to browse through stores that I'd otherwise have to wait for the weekend and a specific T ride downtown for. Everyday I've been able to grab some soup for lunch (my fav on a chilly day!) and leisurely browse through H&M and Windsor Button without any specific task in mind. It's been fabulous. And, yes, costly. Here are some of my finds...yes, only some.

Not to mention the adorable shoes I picked up at Payless, yes I said Payless. These are too adorable to have been at Payless but what a score!

In knitting, I finished Jorge's fingerless mitts and the pink fingerless mitts I was making for myself but have decided to give to Rebecca. I already cast on for another pair which will be for me!


Bubblesknits said...

I LOVE those shoes! I may have to hunt down a Payless around here.

Devonshire said...

Great finds. Who knew that jury duty had all those wonderful benefits. I love those fingerless mittens. The pink is awesome. Hope you are well.

Team Knit ! said...

Dear god, I love those shoes!!!!

- Julie

Kristin said...

Those Pink Mitts rock!! Too bad they are too itchy for yah! The shoes are rockin'! Today is Monday & i have the day off from work, so i am going to go out! (been in the house the entire weekend) Plus, i have knitting class tonight! Woo Hoo!!! <3 kristin

rubyredruca said...

Love the gloves.