Sunday, February 21, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Yesterday I went to Chinatown (WinMil Fabrics) in search of some fun fabric to make fabric roses. My primary thought was to adorn cheap wife-beater tank top necklines with them. I love the irony of mixing casual/dress down with fancy/dress up elements. Then I figured that I might make some hair clips and/or brooches with them. They're so fun and easy to create. I'm really digging the raw edges (I tore the fabric into a strip rather than cutting it). It adds a nice dimension. We'll see.

After fabric shopping, I walked to Back Bay. I wanted to go to For Eyes to check out some new frames. The temple hinges on my current pair have had it. I had no intention of buying until I tried these on:
They don't look like much but they were very complimentary on. And I got a deal! Love it. Should have them but the end of the week. Yay for glasses that don't constantly slip down my nose. I also fell in love with these but I figured that I couldn't really justify new sunnies since mine are in perfect condition. Wah...maybe in a week or two I can reconsider a potential frivolous purchase.

I also checked out Anthropology while I was in the area. I love that place for inspiration. Unfortunately, all I was drawn to were big Jackie O-type sunglasses. I have such a one-track mind!

This morning I broke out the sewing machine to hem a pair of yoga pants that I've been meaning to hem since November and sewed a pillow that I cut the fabric for ~3-4 years ago! Done and done! I'm feeling pretty productive. I even washed my if I could only motivate myself (clad in freshly hemmed yoga pants) to get my ass to the gym!