Friday, May 30, 2008

Startitis with a touch of the blahs

So I can cast on but that seems to be almost as far as I can force myself to get. I just don't know what's keeping me back, but nothing seems to keep my interest lately. I'm totally having doubts about being able to get through the Icarus shawl. I'm irritated by the strap construction of Fad Classic. The Puff Sleeve Cardi-- ha, what puff sleeve cardi!?

I even cast on for Orangina which has been in my Ravelry queue since last Spring with the yarn I purchased for it around the same time. Now all I can seem to think about is knitting more market bags (I'm suddenly super into reusable shopping bags which I think is a good obsession). What's a girl to do?

Apparently, buy more cotton yarn!
On to the Market bags....I guess.

To be continued...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thought that I lost my crafting mojo...

Turns out I'm just anemic. I've been so tired lately. I finally saw my PA last week. She did a ton of bloodwork, scared me into thinking that maybe I was preggo, and told me to wait a couple of days for the results. Luckily, I manage the medical practice where I get my care...I looked up my own results the minute they were available. So I need more iron in my diet and possibly supplements (which I'm avoiding because they hurt my tummy-- which you you rather be tired or in pain? It's a toss up).

The fatigue has drastically affected my knitting production. I've barely touched Rebecca's Icarus Shawl in the last couple of weeks. I've started Fad Classic but am not in the mood. And the desire to work on the Puff Sleeve Feminine Cardi has come and gone. I need some energy and some motivation. Here's my pathetic attempt at progress:

Since I haven't felt like knitting, I've read a few books. One of great notice is The Kite Runner. It was beautifully written and an amazing story of life. I loved the author's, Khaled Hosseini, style so much that I just started his second novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns. So far, I'm interested but I literally just started it--so it's more like a "TBD".

Well, you guessed it, I'm tired. I'm going to go rest and maybe read a little if I can get through the guilt of not wanting to knit.