Monday, October 29, 2007

Juliet...So close
It's coming along though I have a feeling that it's going to be too big. This is sorta funny because I usually take a large but I thought that I'd make the medium size based on the experience of other having their's turn out too large. Then I even threw in some decrease once I separated the sleeves for some shaping because it seemed to be turning out rather large-- how is this when my gauge was perfect and the WIP is huge!? So then, since I decreased until just under the bust decreasing the number of stiches, I decided to knit the lace in the small size. It still seems like it's going to be a bit too big for me. Yeesh, I just can't last sweater for myself was too big on me too :'-( Hopefully it will work out or someone will be receiving a nice gift.
Edit: Finished sweater 10/30/07....still need to block.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I've been really productive over the last few nights...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

8 Random Things

Devon tagged here it goes....

  1. Sometimes I don't finish projects because I can just tell that they aren't going to turn out perfect.
  2. Whenever I have cash in my wallet all the bills need to be facing the same direction and it must be organized from smallest bill to largest bill (in the back).
  3. I love buying random CDs purely based on the bands name and/or album cover art-- sometimes it's fab, sometimes it's a flop.
  4. I've lost a little weight and last night I was able to slip my slacks off without unbuttoning them.
  5. I love collecting craft supplies-- sometimes I get carried away.
  6. My staff at work hates me-- I guess no one likes their boss even if she's decent to them.
  7. I have four tattoos and I still love them all (my mom always tells me that sooner or later, I will regret defacing my body-- what is she talking about!?).
  8. I've been at a crossroad in my life for the last six months and I still can't choose my way.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Goodies in the mail!!!

So yesterday while out for an after dinner tea, my landlord called to tell me that I got a package in the mail and that he put the package in the back hallway for me. I immediately knew exactly what it was! My K2 T2 package arrived!

I received tons of goodies: two boxes of tea, tea sticks, Vermont Honey, 2 mini honey drippers, Vermont Chocolate, Cream Savers, Cascade Luna yarn, body lotion, scone mix, a lovely coaster, an over sized tea cup, and a lovely card!!! I love it all...a special thanks to my spoiler Melissa! (I can't believe that it arrived in one day!!)