Saturday, August 29, 2009

I abandoned my blog...

I have been so busy with work that I just don't have the energy to do anything but mindless shit when I'm home for the last several months.I abandoned my blog, my knitting, my crafting mojo. Sad.

I have been creative though, a little bit.Mostly putting fun fashion-y things together. I've been on the hunt for cool/vintage pieces. And I've even made a bit of jewelry for a change. Where to start, where to start...

I guess that I will start with the my vintage finds. I spent the 4th of July weekend at my sister's in Queens for the second year, while she was away (annual Vegas trip).While in NYC, I really wanted to got to the Lion Brand Studio. This was my second attempt to visit them. I tried to go back in February and they were closed on Saturdays (WTF?). This time I made sure to go on a Friday...they were closed for the holiday (WTF!?-- they're retail!). I guess that I'll never be able to visit them! I digress.

My mom & step-dad came in for dinner and we went into Brooklyn to Williamsburg. After dinner, we wandered a bit and came upon a neat little artsy shop. They all sorts of cool handmade things. I found a necklace that I had to have. It was made with all reclaimed materials. Very unique.

Next few vintage find were made at the Garment District in Cambridge, MA. I wasn't looking for anything in particular but came away with three pairs of shoes and a plaid men's shirt. I got a pair of rockin' light brown mid-calf cowboy boots, a pair of Capezio character shoes and a pair of black ankle booties.

So far, I've only worn the cowboy boots (with a trapeze dress and a shrunken cardi that I knit last year). Unfortunately, those well broken in bastards gave me lovely blisters on the backs of both heels. I think that I just wore the wrong socks. I can really picture those boots with a simple short flowy dress and the plaid shirt unbuttoned and tied in the front, with a slouchy leather bag.

Let's move onto my jewelry obsession. I have been both making and purchasing pieces that I don't know how I've lived without. I'm really into long chain necklaces lately. Like, really long, like 42" long. I made a couple different strands that I wear separately or together depending on my mood.

I think that the obsession started in June when I purchased this awesome rosary bead key necklace. I fell in love with the Tiffany Key necklaces but just couldn't see spending that kind on money on silver. So I was on the lookout for a skeleton key necklace and found a great version at a little jewelry shop called Chemistry on Newbury Street in Boston.

I love the length and the uniqueness of this necklace. Not to mention the 3 skeleton keys. Take that Tiffany's...but I still am obsessed with their Crown key, I'm not gonna lie.

I made these earrings from some components that I found at Bead Works in Cambridge while looking for supplies for some prototypes that needed to put together for an Etsy venture that I've been really thinking about. Like 'em?

Found this beauty at Newbury Comic's...cutie, cute, cute.

The right-hand ring: my answer to all of my friends with rocks on their LEFT hands. Why shouldn't I have sparkly bling on my hand too? Do you have to commit suicide(i.e. get engaged) just to sparkle? I think NOT.

Isn't it a gorgeous replica of an art-deco piece? It's merely sterling silver and cubic zirconia. Eat your heart out: bling with no marital repercussions.

This piece was found on my new favorite jewelry website Eve's Addiction. I also got a Tiffany's knock-off necklace there. I love Elsa Peretti's Diamond's by the Yard for Tiffany's but I do NOT love the price tag. Then there it was on Eve's Addiction, all sparkly and at a fraction of the cost. Plus 15% off...

And that's all she wrote (bought!), for now.