Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Small Updates

On Sunday, during the fourteenth hour of watching football, I finished knitting the fingerless mitts that I was working on but am yet to work the duplicate stitching that I've planned. This is partly due to procrastination and partly due to my drawing up shitty charts on graph paper.

I finished sewing on Kristin's Juliet's buttons but still need to get it in the mail to her. Unfortunately, I had jury duty yesterday and then got selected to serve on a jury so it's been hard to find time to get my ass over to the post office.

Though I have sad some time, when we're not in the courtroom, to get a little knitting in! I finished the first sleeve of my Tree Jacket. I turned out HUGE. I followed the pattern but still it's kinda big. Not sure if I should frog it and re-knit or deal with it. I better decide so I can move onto the second sleeve.

Being downtown at the courthouse has definitely disrupted my daily routine but it has it's perks. Yesterday I got to stop by Windsor Button on my way home and pick up a couple skeins of Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride Worsted in two lovely variegated shades. One's a lovely mix of pinks and the other is rich teals. Both are gorgeous. I've already started knitting with the pink-- a pair of fingerless mitts for me!


Kristin said...

Hi Michele!! I LUV that Brown Sheep pink yarn! How beautiful!!! Just wanted to say Hi and i love reading your blog! :) Maybe we could go to Windsor Button together someday? I have never been and it sounds like they have some great stuff!

Melissa said...

I have always dreaded jury duty, but that was before I could knit! All of your handknits look really nice. I loe the fingerless gloves. Really hope we can meet someday! happy knitting.

RandomRanter said...

I must be the only one who loves jury duty. Although perhaps that says something about how much I need a vacation.
Anyway, looking good. And new yarn - very nice.

Macoco said...

I just saw the variegated lamb's pride at windsor last week. I had no idea they even made it. Love that blue color.