Monday, November 9, 2009

PIA Saturday

Something sunny needed to come out of this day!
This past Saturday I rented a UHAUL and drove down to Ikea in Stoughton, MA.I was so ready to get my couch. The website showed that the particular couch I was interested in is only available in the Ikea stores and could not be ordered on the website.

I picked up the UHAUL and drove down there so that I'd be there as soon as the doors opened. Once there, I got a free coffee from their cafe (they know the way to my heart) and then at 10am, I started for the show room. I found my series and sat on it to make sure that it was comfortable and looked through all the fabrics to make sure that I was picking one that I loved. I went up to the sale person to ask some questions and she said, "we don't stock this model in the store. It needs to be ordered."

WTF? Really? How come I was told that the store stocked it and that it was in stock at this particular location when I called? I was beyond irritated. I just spent $65 on a UHAUL and I can't even use it? And now I have to order the sofa and pay a $100 delivery charge. I don't think so.

I went straight to customer service and made my case detailing the poor customer service and told them that they needed to make this right. They were able to eat the $100 delivery charge, but I still have to wait for my new sofa. I was really hoping to go home with it and set up my living room. Wah.

Though I couldn't get what I wanted as far as the sofa went , I was able to find a few other necessities. I found a grill pan, a TV entertainment shelving unit, candles, an ironing board, fabrics (I used the yellow to cover a canvas to hang on the wall-- see top of the post), a wok, and some glasses (of which the bottom of the box fell out causing 3 of the 6 glasses to crash to their deaths). I put the TV unit together immediately and set up all my electronics on it and even had room for my mesh metal magazine baskets on the bottom shelf.

I made a pit stop at Target afterward to return that hideous rug that I ordered and a poster that was delivered damaged. I found a replacement rug for the living room in a cream color for the same price. I was envisioning more of a cafe au lait but I was unable to find it so this will have to do. I moved my black leather woven rug that was in my living room to my dinning room-- under the dining room table. That was a fun task to do without any help. Below is a WIP...just not of the knitting variety.

Once I got back to town, I unloaded and returned the UHAUL. I took a trip to Back Bay to go to Trader Joe's and to hit up Urban Outfitters for album frames-- on sale for 2 for $20 (usually $15 each!). I grabbed two. I framed a couple of records that I got in LA a couple of years ago. Pretty sweet, huh!?

 So, things are coming along slowly but surely...slower than I'd like. Hell, my mom & sister are coming for a visit next weekend and I'd like for them not to have to sit on the floor! We'll see.

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