Thursday, June 12, 2008

Change of Heart
So, Icarus--RIP. Not only have you completely bored me into stockinette hell, but the more I think about it the more I feel that you just aren't the right choice for Bec's wedding shawl. You're too solid throughout most of the body (being in stockinette) and maybe just a little too much for her gown. So, I've decided to go with Wisp, who is simpler and can be worn more like a wrap rather than a shawl in the August heat. I promise not to frog you, for maybe I will come back to you at some later date. I still think that you're beautiful. Please forgive me.

Wisp, you are working up rather quickly but I do hope that you grow with blocking-- I'd hate to have to abandon yet another project. I've never blocked lace but I've heard that it is very gratifying. Don't let me down.


Jasmin said...

Don't worry- you won't be disappointed. The delight in blocking lace is like finding out that your partner is double-jointed. *Evil grin.*

RandomRanter said...

Looks good!