Monday, June 25, 2007

Home Depot, Target, & BestBuy, oh favorite places to go on a Sunday!

All we wanted was to go to Home Depot for a flower pot and saucers for all of our plants. We ended up going to Target for "house stuff" among other things and to BestBuy for Jorge to buy a microphone head set for his up and coming music review podcast, which can be found here (I named it and I'm helping to produce it!).

I got an adorable outfit at Target-- a polka dot circle skirt and a comfy yet work-worthy tee. Jorge got a ton of Tees as usual and a nice button down work shirt. He has so many t-shirts that his dresser drawers are completely stuffed to the point of over flow. I tried to talk him into going through all of them and getting rid of the tee that are holey but that was a no-go. Truthfully, I wanted him to give me his old tees for recon projects-- this did not go over well with him ;-)


VeganCraftastic said...

That is such an adorable skirt!

Team Knit ! said...

hey you, cute skirt indeed!

I'm actually looking for a pattern in interwave summer 2004, fancy a trade? check ur email!

Devonshire said...

Very cute skirt! You look very summery. Love the name for the music review!