Friday, December 19, 2008

This "Merry Christmas" to me kick I've been on this week needs to end. I've been done with my shopping for a bit so I've been self-indulging all week. First I purchased Malabrigo Worsted Merino from a Raveler last week. It's gorgeous! My plan is to knit myself a cowl out of it since I haven't knit a damn thing for myself since October. It's so soft-- I hope that I can wear it without a hive fest! My next purchase is practical but just doesn't fit my asthetic-- Dansko clogs. They aren't my style but they are a dream to walk in. I've been having a lot of foot problems and my even my podiatrist think these are great. I feel sort of justified because I donated tons of old (ie. uncomfortable, unsupportive shoes) to charity last weekend.
So, I bought another pair in a slightly different style for some variety (and much needed "medical" comfort, unfortunately). They're actually on their way to my doorstep today. I can finally walk pain-free again.
Then, my most frivolous purchase, is a new bag from Scout's Swag. This item won't be in until mid-January so I don't feel as bad as I could.

It's a gorgeous limited edition Eggplant color. Perfect for a combo knitting and day bag. Love it!

Like I said, Merry Christmas to me!

Oh yeah, wanna see some knitting? I'm almost done with these:I got guage but they still seem to be a little big. I hope they aren't too big on my sister.


Melissa said...

The red shows are adorable!

RandomRanter said...

None of these look frivolous to me. And I'm awaiting the same bag. We'll be bag twins!