Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hair Trauma, Nov '08

So I'm over it and now I can talk about it. Two weeks ago I made an appointment with my regular stylist for a cut. My hair was super long and I wanted to cut it short and donate the hair to Lock of Love.

I sat down in her chair, as usual, and we discussed the cut and what I was looking for. She seemed to not really want to cut my hair short. She was not encouraging at all which was a little disappointing. But I stuck to my guns and said that I wanted to get rid of the length-- it was to the middle of my back and too much to handle at that point.

I described the desired effect: long, shaggy bob with lots of chunky layers, short in the back, long in the front and choppy bangs. I got a One-length bob with thin uniform bangs. I have a lot of very thick hair-- it wasn't blended at all. Tons of weight at the bottom. I had a triangle on top of my head. This really wasn't apparent to me until I left and walked past my reflection in a shop window. I nearly cried right then and there. I figured that it was the way she styled it and that I could do better once I got home. Not so much.

It was awful even after I washed it and restyled it the next morning. Doesn't look as horrendous as it was just by this picture. So, against my gut, I called and asked her if she could fix it because I wasn't happy with the cut. She was really sweet about it but AGAIN did not listen to my requests. I walked out with a shorter, more horrible, uneven version of the first cut. This time I did cry. I will never go back to her at this point.

I lived with the results for a few days and just hated it. It wasn't only a bad cut but it was very soccer mom. Totally not my style. So Saturday morning I called my old salon in the Southend, Liquid Hair Studios. My stylist is no longer there but I chose another stylist based on some reviews that I read on Yelp! and also by how cute her hair was in her picture on the salon's website.

I saw Francesca. She was totally in tune with what I wanted and agreed that the cut was NOT for me and done really poorly. She cut in some layers, dried it, and then razors some of the weight out. It turned out a millions time better than before. A little shorter than I originally envisioned but that was because of the 1st (and 2nd) botched cut done by EX-stylist. New cut pics to come.

I'm going to go back to her sometime in the near future for some color. I want foils that are some outrageous color. Maybe for Christmas!

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