Sunday, April 1, 2007

I just received my Holly Green Cotton Fleece for my rendition of Rusted Root for the SKC KAL, which starts today. It's the perfect grassy green I was looking for! I was planning on gauge swatching last night but I decided to finish up a few WIPs instead so I would be able to fully concentrate on Rusted Root today.

I finished Le Slouche last night. Cute, but who knows when I'll get to wear it at this point:

Also I promised the bf awhile back that I would add "thumbs" to his red VooDoo (from Knitty) arm/wrist warmers from last year. He begged for thumbs after he saw my Fetchings (also Knitty) completeted. Since I loaned out the correct sided DPNs needed for this project I had to go down a couple of needle sizes...I'm really not happy with how they turned out:
Maybe it's partially because they aren't in the best shape....he doesn't take care of his hand-knits like I would. And partially because of the gauge of the "new" knitted thumbs. Oh well. However, I do like how Isis's cute little head is in the pic ;-)

Ok, enough rambling....I need to go start on a gauge swatch. Yay...


Bobbi said...

Le Slouche looks good! Now you just have to wait till fall to wear it! :)

erika said...

I looove Le Slouche! It looks great with your hairstyle!

Devonshire said...

Le Slouche looks awesome. The color is perfect and it looks like you can wear it a bit longer here in Boston!