Wednesday, April 18, 2007

SKC got me Dizzay!!!
So, looks like the SKC is back to blogger from typepad ....ahhhh! Now we all have to be invited again to post for the current KAL. Because of all the blog switching the KAL hasn't been very motivational at all, but thanks to Jeanie we're going to be back up and running....and motivating each other again very soon. I NEED the motivation, especially at this time.

I've been having some problems in my personal life that are not helping my lack of motivation to knit. I really want to knit but it's been really difficult to concentrate on much of anything right now. I'm just very sad lately and have been living inside my own head. I really hope I can get through this. I wish I had more friends in Boston...I've been sort of lonely lately.

If there are any like-minded ladies in Boston speak up ;-) Us chicks need to stick together. A special thank you to Devon for her support and friendship.

I'm almost done packing up my KTE gift for my secret pal. Hopefully I'll be able to send her package out to her on Fri or Sat.

Happy knitting/gifting/crafting to all...


Devonshire said...

I'm here for you lady! I hope things get better soon. This weather isn't helping... Love me some Subversive Crossstitch!!! Take care and remember that you do have a friend in me!

ZantiMissKnit said...

I love the Subversive Crossstitch! I still have my "babies suck" one to finish.

I've been blah lately, but it's just from the weather. The sun's gonna be out this weekend, so make sure you get out there!


Secret Knitter said...

OH, I am so sorry you are going through a rough time. Hopefully your KTE box will bring some happiness, a little bit of sunshine and a smile to you. If nothing else, lots and lots of chocolate!!! It is on it's way...

You KTE Pal