Friday, April 20, 2007

Progress and Presents!
So there ya have it...I'm only 23 rounds in but at least I'm in!
So far I'm not really in love with my lace but maybe it's only
because I don't have enough done to see the full picture. I really
need to get going on this project because I really do enjoy the
process of knitting once I'm actually motivated enough to do so.
And I wouldn't mind having a new sweater to wear!

Also, here's are my KTE goodies wrapped and packaged and ready to be mailed out. I love the sense of accomplishment to have completed a task. I hope that my gift is well received by my giftee. My gifter sent my package out yesterday so it should be here relatively soon. It'll be nice to get a present in the mail.

1 comment:

Devonshire said...

The lace looks nice! I'm sure your treater will love her gifts. Hope you are having a nice Saturday!