Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm half-way there!
I got a nice chunk of knitting done this weekend. It's funny, sometime when I feel like shit I can't concentrate on anything but sometimes I can block everything out and just go with it. Yesterday I was able to just go with it. I'm about 50% done with Rusted Root and just itching to wear it. I tried it on last night and I think that it's going to fit ok-- at least it accommodates my chest which is a feat in and of itself (I always have a problem with that!). I have a feeling that the FO will be a bit loose but it's better than too tight right!?

The yarn that I purchased from KnitPicks a few weeks ago has been in the back of my mind. I bought yarn for The Puff-Sleeved Cardigan and yarn for The Lotus Tank...but I can't decide which to CO first! As I knit away on my RR, I find my mind wandering and daydreaming about The Lotus Tank. Is that a sign?

I decided on the CotLin in a neutral cream for the Lotus tank. I think it pretty much the same color as it was in the magazine where the pattern was published (different yarn though). I hardly ever chose the color of the pattern sample but in the case I did. I figured that it would be a nice neutral for the spring/summer in a breathable yarn. Hope that I'm able to CO for this piece soon, which is short for I really want to have my RR completed, like, tomorrow! A girl can dream!