Monday, April 20, 2009

I <3 Three Day Weekends

Today is Patriot's Day (in the Boston area) so that means no work for moi! I got to relax this morning, clean my house (and my oven!) and go to the gym all before 3pm. Ahhh, 3 day weekends rock.

This weekend also brought a visit from my mom. She got in at 2pm on Fri so we got to hang around for a couple of days, do a little shopping and eat JP Licks (mmmm, Rice Dice Cream!). She got me some treats (pictured below) at Anthropologie that I would never have bought for myself. I love these vintage looking bowls and cloth napkins!

On Thurs, I went to Windsor Button after work. I was in search if button eyes for my Owls sweater and some buttons for my February Lady Sweater. I found some pearly yellow-green buttons eyes and sewed them onto one owl in the front and one owl in the back on Saturday morning.

I had my sights set on something clear or transparent for the FLS because I didn't want it to look too overdone. It's busy enough as it is with the lace and the variegated blue yarn. So I settled for a clear and transparent blue button. They looked perfect when I layed them over the button band so they had to come home with me.

I'm almost there with the FLS. I have the body and 1/2 of one of the sleeves already done. I can't wait to finish it and to wash, block and sew on the buttons. I'm just dying to wear it!