Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh, Baby!

Before I started another garment for myself I thought that I'd knit a baby sweater for one of my mom's coworkers. I promised awhile ago but life got so busy that it just didn't happen. The baby has actually already been born (3 weeks ago!) so I really wanted to knit this one up quickly so I can get it to NY for my mom to give.

I decided to knit the Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater. I cast on Friday night and started actually knitting on Saturday. I'm almost done! One more sleeve! I'm knitting this sweater in Red Heart Ltd. Designer Sport in Blush Rose. It's turning out to be really cute.

Disclaimer: I'm really not into babies. As a matter of fact, I don't really like them-- they freak me out. But their clothing...freaking adorable, not to mention total instant gratification projects.


Team Knit ! said...

So cute!! I'm sure the little one in question will love it.

- Julie

Brook said...

This is ssssooo darn cute! I love making baby clothes! Debbie Bliss has some amazing sweaters! besides that I LOVE babies and I want 6 kids... maybe I should become BFF with you so you can knit all my "scary" babies clothes! that would be so wonderful... hahaha yes I am totally freaking you out right now!

Stephanie N said...

Hahahaha I feel the same way-babies are weird and creepy and I do NOT want any-but I LOVE making baby stuff! ha ha ha ha ha ha

Melissa said...

I love it. Very cute!