Thursday, July 3, 2008

Revenge...well, sorta, kinda

Ravelry betrayed me and sold out of the tee I wanted so desperately before I even knew that it was being sold. I swear that I dreamt about it the week before seeing it in the Ravelry Mini-Mart. Oh well. I was bitter for awhile and then decided to use all my negativity for the good of myself (not selfish at all, right!?)!!! I ordered the version of the tee I would have died for in a plus-size (1X). I knew that it would be too big but I was ready with my Singer to rectify the situation! I took in the sleeves and the sides to match my own measurement and, viola!, I now have a Ravelry tee that fits yet still exhibits how bitter I am! So take that Ravelry!!!!
So Wisp is almost done. No progress pics but she should be done shortly and I'll post pre and post blocking pictures for all to see. Most ikely I'll finish it over the long weekend and block it sometime next week.
I'm in the process of casting on for IK's Spring issue's Hexacomb Cardigan. I have half the stitches cast on at this point and just can't wait to get into the actual knitting. I loves this sweater from the moment that I saw it in the Spring issue. Actually there were quite a few pattern that I loved in the particular issue of IK, more so than most. I'm going to make this little cardi monochromatic rather than with a contrasting edging. I'm using Lion Brand Cottonease in Taupe. I figure it'll match a lot of my summer sundresses and cover my shoulder tattoo at work-- multi-functional!
Well, I'm off tonight to NYC for the long weekend. Can't wait to see the fireworks tomorrow from the FDR! Happy 4th to all.

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