Monday, July 21, 2008

Bridal shower, pole dancing and margaritas-- in that order!

Rebecca's bridal shower went very well on Saturday. Unbeknown to Rebecca, I volunteered to meet a friend of Rebecca's at the airport whom I'd never met. I totally made a bright pink sign with her name on it so she could find me easily, not to mention that I thought I was being funny. Since I was picking up the surprise out-of-town guest from Logan and her flight was delayed, we ended up getting to up to Salem, NH after Rebecca already arrived. That was a bummer but she was really surprised to see her friend Edith from Chicago walk in with me!

I pretty much missed all the delicious food I'd help select due to my tardiness but what I did get to shove in my mouth was pretty tasty. I thought that the cake was ugly as sin but reports show that it tasted better than it looked, thankfully. Looks like the bride to be liked it-- that's really all that matters!

If you notice in the picture above, there's a lovely flower arrangement behind the hideous cake. This pic doesn't do the arrangement justice. Jamie found these gorgeous watering cans to use as centerpieces and Rebecca's mom, Ellen, actually arranged the flowers. She did a beautiful job. I'm telling you, it looked as if a professional did the arrangements-- gorgeous.

Now it's safe to show the shower favors and the finished garter! The favors were filled with one of Bec's favorites-- conversation hearts. The garter turned out nicely and I just loved the Swarvoski crystal in the center of the bow. Of course when she opened my present, she had to point out to everyone that I made the garter and the stole...embarrassing (blush).

So her "something blue" in now covered with the garter, along with a funny pair of blue boy-short undies that say "Newlyweds" given by Jamie. Her "something borrowed" will be Jamie's veil, her "something new" will be her dress, and her "something old" will be my great grandmother's wedding band.
If there was a "something handmade" she'd be all set-- tenfold! I'm really happy that I could do this stuff for her. She's so excited about the wedding and I'm glad that I can help make it really special.

After the shower and some bridal party/family time, we headed back to town to take a pole dancing class. It was hysterical. Don't tell anyone but I'd definitely take the class again (shhh). Unfortunately, all pics taken were with my friend's camera so I don't have anything to post....maybe that's a good thing!

After our hour-long class were were famished and grabbed a bite at the Cactus Club. Margaritas and empanadas....yummy way to end a long, hot day!


Jasmin said...

I went to a bachelorette party last year- in Las Vegas. The whole group of us took a pole dancing lesson, and WOW. It was way harder than I thought it would be.

Melissa said...

Sounds like you're having a ton of fun. The garter is really great, nice job!