Monday, August 2, 2010

First Batch of Soap

I made my first batch of soap yesterday. I created a recipe of my own based on the proportion of other recipes that I have read online. My goal was to make something that I can use on my face, so I didn't add any fragrance or essential oils (for scent-- thought it might be irritating).

Heres what I used:
16oz of Goat's Milk base
16oz Honey base
3 tbs Coco Butter
1/2 tsp Coconut Oil
1/2 Olive Oil
1/2 oz of apricot seeds
1/2 oz of oatmeal

I poured the concoction into a loaf mold and let it harded for several hours. Then removed it, cut into 8 bars and wrapped each in plastic wrap.

Lesson learned: the hot soap must be stirred until it has cooled down considerably (I thought I did this but read an article with a better description of how the soap should look after I had already poured it) so that the exfoliants added stay suspended in the mixture instead of sinking to the bottom of the mold as mine did. Also, the soap has a mildly greasy feel...too much oil? Not sure.

Anyway, I didn't do too badly for my first attempt. I even washed my face with it last night and this morning! More to come!


Julie said...

wow, I bet it smells incredible!! if it is a bit oily, you probably have too much oil in there- but maybe it's more of a moisturizing sort of soap!

Melissa J. Gibson said...

so freakin awesome! love the ingredients--made up of mostly things I like to buy as beauty products/aids!