Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bazaar Bizarre 2009

I went to the Bazaar Bizarre on Sunday. I love going every year-- it's so inspiring. I picked up a few coasters, to match last year's mixer coaster, for my coffee table.

I love the vintage photos that the artist had available. I love retro!

I was also in the market for a nifty print of some sort to replace the Wassily Kandinsky that I had hung temporarily in the living room. I used a piece of black tag board to mat the print.

Seems a little dark so I might change the mat to make it pop more. Wonder what color I should go with?

I also couldn't help but grab up this adorable little airplane/take-off pouch! I already have it stuffed with knitting!

Other improvements:
A short bookcase for the foyer along with a cool lamp, large glass centerpiece and cool metal damask print bin.

Glass pull handles for the little piece that I refinished. I like this piece much more with the addition of the pulls.

My house really came together!

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Julie said...

awesome finds!! Looks like it's really coming together.