Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back in the game

I actually want to knit. I cast on for Ishbel the other night. I'm using 1 hank of Handmaiden Sea Silk in Marine.

I'm on the first lace section right now. I decided to make a size medium-- the stockinette section in the small size and the lace section in the large size-- since I only have 437 yards to work with here.

I'm using un-waxed dental floss for my life line. I figured that I would place a life line after each lace section. Just in case...

On another note, I was contemplating reviewing make-up and other beauty products here. Would anyone be interested in this? I love to buy and play with makeup and thought that it might be fun to share. I know you're saying, "but isn't this a crafting blog?" I do feel like make-up is an artistic medium and that techniques used to apply it can be very creative. We'll see. I have been test driving several different eye makeup looks as of late. I'd like to start photographing my work. I know that it's tough to take pics of yourself but think I'm gonna give it a shot.

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Team Knit ! said...

Your Ishbel is going to be great!! AS for make up reviews, Hmmm. I'd be interested if it were drugstore brands, but anything sort of high end... well, I don't find many knitters seem that keen on expensive make up, but maybe it's just the knitters I know. I'm too cheap to spend $50 on eyeshadow. Or you could have a make up blog and a knitting blog, and link them?

- Julie