Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Yarn, New Project and, yet again, another Bad Haircut

So the weekend before last, I had a Saturday appointment to get a haircut, my first since I was traumatized back in November 2008. By some ridiculous circumstances, I ended up missing the appointment and was totally bummed (this should have been a sign!).

I rescheduled for the next Wednesday (last week) and took a few hours off from work. When I arrived my stylist was giddy over getting her new shears and texturizer-- the scissor guys was still there. I told her that I essentially wanted the same cut but was open to suggestions for a bit of change. She went totally scissor happy and chopped soooo much hair off my head, of already short hair, making me look like a demented little boy. I just don't get it. We discussed how different did NOT equal shorter. I'm gonna chalk it up to a one-time bout of crazy due to her new equipment, but if it happens again I'm outta there.

Good thing is: hair grows. And mine seems to grow fast. I'm really sick of walking out of the salon with tears streaming down my face though. This should not happen when you articulately describe what it is that you're looking for. Maybe I'll post a pick but no promises so you can all see my misery.

I was feeling so bad after my haircut appointment that I decided to got over to Windsor Button for a pick-me-up. I was in search of Malabrigo Silky Merino in teal. I couldn't find it out on the floor so I asked the sales lady. I do NOT usually do that there because they're pretty weird and not usually too customer service-oriented, but I was in a desperate place.

To my surprise the lady was kind and outgoing. She found more stock, and specifically the color that I was in search of. I purchased two beautiful hanks of this heavenly soft yarn. I plan on making a Reclamation Scarf , Stephanie Japel's newest invention, out of each-- one for me and one for my bff.
Though I have been working on the second sleeve of my CPH, I'm at a standstill with this project. I'm just really bored of knitting it. I wondered why so many people took an average of a year to complete this project and now I know why. Though it's got more interest than a straight up stockinette project, it's still very rhythmic and boring to knit. I need more instant gratification. I decided that I'd start a new project while I was in NYC this past weekend to awaken my mojo.

I cast on for Tuscany from No Sheep for You. I'm using my stash of Elann Endless Summer Luna in red which I bought ages ago for another project that I never got around to (and lost interest in). I've always thought that this was a pretty shawl but had no desire to knit a lace project of that magnitude or knit a shawl, for that matter. But then I had this vision of me in Old San Juan, wearing a black dress with a red lace wrap around my shoulders so I figured that maybe it was worth a try. We leave for PR March 12th...less than a month away. I'm not sure if this is going to be possible to finish in time but I'm going to give it a shot.

I work on it on the bus home yesterday afternoon until it got too dark and I got a massive headache. It seems to be working up fast. I guess we'll see.


irishcream06 said...

ooh...i love that feeling when you get bored/to the end of a project and get itchy fingers and have to go buy more wool!!! I quite fancied that hoodie when i saw it...i've never knitted one of those before...

Brook said...

you have to post pictures of your new hair. I highly doubt its as bad as you say!!!! I am a hairdresser and I don't trust anyone to cut my hair... isn't that bad? I never say I want a hair cut I always say A TRIM!!! A lot of hair dressers really don't care what you want. She probably wanted to try out her new scissors.... you were her guinea pig! Sucks but its the truth! I would suggest going to someone different that is highly reccomended.... Isn't this trama #2?

irishcream06 said...

Hi, i love reading your blog. I'm also on Ravelry (sometimes i'm on ravelry more than i'm knitting) and i was just wondering, how you get your projects to show up on your blog like you do???

I also love your little knitting bullet points!!!