Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Blues/Frustrations

It's no secret that the winter gets me down. I'm sick of the bitter temperatures, the snow & ice, and grumpy, rude people. It's hard to be motivated when you're always pissed off.

Our sidewalks have been really icy the last few weeks, even in high-traffic areas. So this sometimes means that when people are coming from both directions one has to step aside so that the other can pass by the narrow cleared (ie. ice free) path. I'm always the one who steps aside, mostly b/c I don't want to slip on ice, and let people pass. Rarely do I get a "thank you" or have anyone slow down to step aside so that I can pass. They just keep yapping on their cells and barrel through like they're more important and do not have to time to step aside and allow me to pass. Nice, huh!? Can people please have some manners? If you're not going to slow down, forcing me to get out of your way, you can at least acknowledge that I was polite enough to step aside for you. Boston id full of rude people.

Speaking of rude people, I had two shitty experiences this week all because I was being generous and charitable to a complete stranger. Freecycle is a web-based group where people can offer and request items they they no longer need and want to recycle by giving to someone who could use them. I've used this website once before, maybe a year and a 1/2 ago, when I was in need of a new washer/dryer.

I was able to find an older set being given away and made arrangements to pick them up put in Framingham. The woman giving them away was nice enough but sort of rude when we arrived to claim our booty. She had a way of letting us know that this was a charity case, not necessarily something nice to do for another person or the environment. Plus she didn't need to pay someone to come and take them to her closest landfill. When all way said and done, we were thankful towards the woman and took off with our free stuff. Could have been worse.

For Christmas I received a Cuisinart Food Processor. Now that I have a shiny new food processor I no longer need my little mini chopper food processor. I would never throw something in perfect working condition away without trying to find someone who may like to have it or donating to my local thrift shop. So I went on Freecyle to find out if anyone was specifically looking for a food processor. I found someone in need and reached out. This person made plans to pick it up on Saturday and then never showed, then again on Monday and never showed, the the last time on Tuesday and never showed. Always with a lame excuse and never an apology. WTF?

Someone that you do not even know is being generous enough to give you something that you need and you stand her up multiple times and don't even feel badly about it? I don't think so. So I emailed this person explaining that she has wasted plenty of my time and I am no longer offering the food processor to her. Ridiculous. People are totally inconsiderate at times.

So I listed my item on Freecycle and got a ton of responses. I went with the first person to respond-- it's only fair. He was polite and willing to come by that evening. Needless to say he never showed and never called, as I requested if his plans changed. Now he wants to come by and get it tonight. I don't think so. I'm all set trying to be I'm taking down to the thrift shop and making a donation.

So if I'm a bit grumpy you know why. The optimist in me wants to think that all people are good at heart, but I know the truth...most people have no incentive to be nice to a stranger. Anonymity = no need to be nice. It disgusts me. I make it my mission to be nice to people....especially strangers.


Cabbage said...

I feel your pain. My biggest gripe is the lack of manners in people today. God that makes me sound like I'm 112 years old.

Abby said...

I don't like strangers coming to my home, so I always donate my stuff to Goodwill. I know some people who sell things via the classifieds state "I will be home at this time - first come, first serve" to eliminate the problem with no-shows. And YES Boston is full of grumps. I lived in MA for a year and hated it. On the other hand, the drivers yield to pedestrians, something that is unheard of in the Midwest. Hang in there - we still have February to get through!

Melissa said...

Totally agree. People get rude in winter back east... and I'm from friggin" (warm) SoCal! I've never had luck with freecycle... you might be better of donating it to the salvation army or on Craigslist. I think the freecycle clan is particularly cheap and rude. Hang in there! We should get together sometime for a martini!