Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm in the home stretch!

Almost done with Hey, Teach! I just need to finish up the second sleeve, attach them to the body of the sweater and add the trim. Yay!

I decided to make 3/4 sleeves instead of the pattern's short sleeves, seeing how it's Fall already. I used the modification found here to do so. Thanks stashnstitch for doing all the math! I'm about half way through the second sleeve at this point and hope to finish it today on my lunch break. Then maybe, just maybe I'll get to the finishing tonight. We'll see how far I get today.

I'd really like to finish because a) I want to wear it, b) there are projects in queue that I'm dreaming about! I'm speaking literally here....dreaming about! Is this normal? Does this happen to anyone else? Do I just not have enough of a life to warrant dreaming of something other than knitting? Well at least I'm not dreaming of shooting up heroin or something equally disgusting.

What are you knitting? What are you dreaming of knitting? Let's have a little contest to make me feel more "normal." Leave me a comment and tell me both what you're working on and what you're longing to work on. There's a prize for the winner! Go!


Brook said...

that is soooo BEAUTIFUL!!! I just started this pattern I am doing it in red... so I can be Little red Riding hood!!! hhahaha but I have a feeling it might now be big enough for my head... I have a melon to say the least!

Abby said...

Currently working on Sitcom Chic and Elbac (both from, but what I would love to work on is Diamond Sage Wrap by Jill Wright - filet crochet and glass beads!