Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Hey, Teach, how do I fix my tight neckline?"

I finished my Hey, Teach! yesterday morning. Once I completed the finishing, I tried my new sweater on and, to my dismay, the neckline was bound off much too tightly. Oh man....and I wove in all the ends so well that I can't find the end to rip the bound off edge back to re-do it. What to do, what to do....

I was thinking that I'd just snip a few of the stitches on the bound off edge and try to rip from there. Does that sound like a good idea? Any suggestions? Help! Once I'm happy with the neckline, I'll pick out buttons and sew them on.

I knit Hey, Teach! out of Knit Picks Shine Worsted. I've never knit a garment with this yarn before. I've noticed that it sheds a lot so I'm thinking that it will probably pill quite a bit. I'm wondering how it will wear shape-wise. Will it stretch out and loss it's shape? What's your experience?

My next project is Mangyle. I've cast on and knit a few inches of the back. The main color is black and the two contrasting colors are cream and gray. I've never knit a sweater this larger. I hope it doesn't take me forever. I'm just itching to start my February Lady Sweater!

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Brook said...

oh my gosh this is SSOOOO beautiful!! you did such a wonderful job! tight neckline and all! I am in LOVE!!! You still haven't convinced me to make myself a sweater but seriously... this is just amazing!