Monday, March 3, 2008

Progress, Planning & Pizza

This past weekend was chock full o' things that had to be done. Friday night we booked our final hotel in San Fran for our upcoming California trip and did a little more planning. During the week I made folders for all three cities and labeled them with the city & dates we'd be there. Every document (hotel confirmations, direction to and from the airport and any attractions that we plan on driving to, car reservations, our itineraries, etc) was labeled and placed inside the folder. I also made up a Flight Folder for all of our flight documentation to and from California and from LA to San Fran. It pays to be organized especially when you're trying to cram a million things into one week's time!
On Saturday we went to Target to pick up somethings for the trip and for the house. We got those cute little travel size toiletries that fit nicely into our carry-on bags and, of course, Jorge got T-shirts. It wouldn't be a trip to Target if he didn't even though his bureau drawers are practically busting at the seams with T's. I guess you can never have enough! I got a bathing suit with a really retro 1920's feel. Makes me feel like I should wear red lipstick and pin-curls when I wear it! (pic from
I also picked up a pizza stone. I've been on a homemade pizza kick these days so naturally I had to have a pizza stone. My pizza turned out great. The crust wast perfect. Thin and crispy just like at home in NY.
And, of course, some knitting progress. I'm on the second sleeve. Too busy to finish this weekend unfortunately. Hopefully this week!?


Ninabeena said...

really cute bathing suit. funny my husband makes folders for everything and I constantly tease him about being so organized (obviously I'm not)
geez, you are so close on the sweater how are you practicing any self control and not knitting thru the night just so you can finish it? lol

RandomRanter said...

I love my stoneware. Great for cookies too!

Melissa said...


Team Knit ! said...

Cute suit, and a pizza stone?? Brilliant, what a great buy. Can't wait to see your finished pullover. Have fun on your trip!

- Julie

ZantiMissKnit said...

OMG, cookies on day and pizza the next! Now I'm hungry!

That bathing suit is so cute! Do the pincurls and red lipstick!