Friday, January 26, 2007

It's an addiction

So, remember how I said that I couldn't buy any more yarn until I've used up the yarn in my stash??? Well, scratch that. I couldn't help myself. I went to Boomerangs, the thrift store up the street from my office and found an incredible deal on this brightly colored mohair. I justified the exception because it was a steal. I'm weak. I should be punished.


Knitting Freak said...

But you can't pass up a good deal! I don't think that should count as falling off the wagon.

Ilix said...

You are allowed one drop off the wagon....... or to knit for gifts.....?
Well, who cares. It's like a diet, you have to keep working at it.
Right now I have to keep myself from stashing fabric, cuz I can't buy yarn!!! LOL :D