Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Never-ending Hats!

I finished my Verity hat that I rescued from it's hibernation! The only modification that I made was the band. I hated the instructions for the band in the patterns and I hated (even more!) how it was turning out. So I frog it and just knit a K2P2 ribbing and it worked out well. I washed and blocked this piece over a dinner plate and it is turned out truly lovely.
I've been promising my Dad a hat for years....yes, years. I made him mittens a few years ago and he has worn them all winter, every winter. He even had me darn a little hole that he got from shoveling snow!

So I got some semi-matching yarn and knit him a hat to go with his mittens. I've been lazy about knitting it all week but last night I was determined to finish it. And I did. I didn't go to bed until the last end was woven in!
I have about half the skein left over and my friends just had a baby boy...so I will be casting on for the Fresh Pick Baby hat for Baby Sam. I plan to cast on today.


Abby said...

A dinner plate for blocking - how clever! Nice hats, too.

Julie said...

both hats look awesome!! clever blocking technique, for sure.

Alaina Ellington said...

You are very talented! I wish that I could learn how to knit this well. I have learned one stitch but when I look at patters I can't seem to understand how to make other stitches apart from the simple knitting. Good job on the hats! I love the purple one!