Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It was a nice long weekend!

I went to Chicago to visit my best friend Rebecca. It was three days of good old times. Rebecca and I met in college and became great friends in our second year. We were pretty much inseparable. We were good influences on each other. We were bad influences on each other. We were like long lost sisters.

Not much has changed except for our zip codes. After Rebecca finished PT school she was off to travel and work all over the country. I stayed in Boston and began managing the medical practice I worked at. For the first bit our cellphones bills were atrocious. Then we learned the concept of moderation (sorta--I had a phone bill of $250 at one point!). We'd chat during daytime breaks, when we weren't exhausted at night-- sometimes multiple times or just quick calls for trivial matters.

We may not talk on the phone or see each other as much as we used to or as much as we'd like but this bond can't be broken. A few days of phone tag can't change that. We're family at this point.

A couple of years ago we decided to take almost a month off to travel Italy together. That adventure was something that I could have done only with Rebecca. It was an amazing experience. The planning reminded me of the first vacation that we planned together-- driving to Daytona Beach all hopped up on No-Doz and immediately following final exams. We've shared some wonderful and crazy times together.

Rebecca and her fiance Chris are now planning their wedding which is to be next Labor Day. I'm the Maid of Honor-- it really is an honor. I love her and want her wedding to be everything that she's ever wanted it to be. Her face lights up when she talks about the details. I can tell that she's having fun and I'm happy for her.

Through the last 10 years since we've been friends we've been through many different stages of life together. And I know that we have many, many more ahead of us.